Natanim Consultancy & Training PLC

Natanim Consultancy and Training Centre PLC was established in January 2013 by two Ethiopian female Counselling psychologists who has the second degree on counseling psychology and has more than 15years working experience on psychosocial support area and one certified Norwegian Gestalt therapist. The center has provided psychosocial support for the children and adults who are in difficult circumstance, had been experiencing traumatic event and leave their life with fear and treat.

Mental illness in Ethiopia may not be recognized and get proper attention but mental illness can impact overall general health and the ability. An estimated 15% of Ethiopians suffer from mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

According to WHO, in Ethiopia a significant number (17-20%) of children suffer from childhood behavioral and emotional disorders. Children and adolescent mental health don’t get proper attention in Ethiopia. Mental health wellbeing is an essential part of children’s overall health has a complex interactive relationship with their physical health and their ability to succeed in school.

Natanim was one of the organizations who work on psychosocial support and recognize that the emotional, social, and cultural needs of children are as important as their material needs. It is necessary, therefore, to provide a framework in which we could ensure that psychosocial aspects of the work are given the value and emphasis it deserves in the community members to facilitate the support for the children who need. The center has also very good experience in working with children and youth with physical and intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and children with special needs.

The center addresses the psychosocial support problem through different methods. The organization mainly involved by providing individual counseling, group counseling, creating self-help groups, awareness raising, training, producing manuals, and conducting research.

The center has specialized experienced on the area of psychological problems, mental health, disability, Marriage and relationship problems, custody and visit issues at the court settings, and parenting skills.